TestCon Moscow

Agiltima spent an eventful two days at this years TestCon Moscow.

The first evening was spent with our business partners in Moscow discussing opportunities throughout Europe with a focus on the Balkans. The requirement to down a shot of vodka between each mouthful of potato, herring and pickle made getting up for the first day of the conference somewhat a struggle.

However, the effort was worthwhile. The trendy Digital October venue was fantastic and the presentations and talks were some of the best we have attended. We would particularly recommend you go to the website to download Ilari Henrik’s ‘Testing History from the Caveman’.¬† Who would have thought the first ever reference to a Bug was in 1878, Waterfall model was published in 1970 (yes we can believe that), Scrum is 25 years old, and Continuous Integration is 18 years old!

Perhaps our favourite presenter was the charismatic Dane Ralf Molich (see image), the co-inventor,¬†alongside Jakob Nielsen, of the ‘heuristic evaluation method’, followed by Usability testers all around the world. Ralf intrigued the audience with some wonderful anecdotes of usability ‘fails’ all told in his inimitable style.