Agiltima have access to the best Agile consultants in the business, including certified SAFe agilists, with experience of working across multiple domains and industries.

Agile at Scale

Using the SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) methodology Agiltima will bring the benefits of an agile way of working across all levels of your organisation – from the team level, through to the programme and portfolio level.

SAFe helps resolve the disconnect that often comes when agile ways of working meet traditional management and reporting structures. Implementing SAFe will perfectly synchronise your delivery teams with your senior management team and resolve the common contention between agile and waterfall approaches.

Programme Increment Planning

The heartbeat of SAFe is the all day Programme Increment Planning event.Agiltima will plan and host the day providing your company with a clear view of dependencies and collaboration opportunities across your programme or product.

The day consists of system demos, break out discussions and networking, with the final output of a 3 month view of agreed business objectives, a common cadence across your teams and an understanding of where the teams can work together to achieve a common goal or deliverable.

As part of our philosophy Agiltima will always offer preferential commercial rates to the Public Sector, Charities and the NHS.