Head of QA at Elsevier shares her test approach with Agiltima

Natalie Wood, Head of Quality Assurance at Elsevier, recently presented at an Agile Roundabout event – discussing how she has created and evolved the QA capability at Elsevier’s offices in London. Natalie will now be taking her approach across Elsevier sites all around the world as she moves into a more senior role.

Agiltima were given the opportunity to catch up with Natalie a few weeks after the event to pick her brains.

Natalie shared the following key learning’s:

  • Create ‘Quality Engineer’ roles rather than just labeling the role ‘Tester’ or ‘SDET’
  • Create a community of practice where all the Quality Engineers from various teams can come together to share knowledge on new tools, techniques and the latest ways of working
  • Promoting the concept of Quality champions who can lead in one of the many disciplines of testing such as Security, Performance or Accessibility and Assistive needs.

Agiltima want to thank Natalie for her contribution to the Quality Assurance discipline and giving up her time to spend a couple of hours helping Agiltima to think about how we continue to tweak and fine tune our own approach to software testing.