Agiltima will always endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint – where possible we choose public transport over flights or car journeys / we only upload data to the cloud where necessary to minimise the energy required to power the cloud / we turn the lights off and switch off our monitors and laptops at the end of the day



As signatories to the TechTalentCharter Agiltima are committed to working towards a 50/50 gender ratio across our organisation and supporting tech workers from underprivileged backgrounds



Agiltima make monthly charitable donations to our chosen charities or charities selected by our clients or consultants.

Agiltima will always work to provide preferential commercial rates to the NHS and Charity sectors


Agiltima will not work with any companies that engage in tax avoidance – schools and hospitals do not come for free

Agiltima will not work with any companies engaged in socially or environmentally destructive behaviour