Ebony Horse Club – Brixton

Many thanks to the Ebony Horse Club in Brixton who invited a few of our consultants down to view their facilities and hear about the fantastic and inspiring work they do in the local community.

Ebony Horse Club gives children from the local community to not just get involved in horse riding as a hobby but to really get involved in caring for the animals and running a stable. Many of the children have also been given extensive help and support from the club in a huge number of areas. Whether its learning how to write CVs or with their own learning challenges in and out of school. Ebony Horse Club shared stories of children who have now fulfilled ambitions to enter competitions, taken up jobs in the racing and equestrian industry or have simply had the opportunity to go on camps outside of London with the club.

Agiltima are extremely proud to have the opportunity to support such a unique and important charity.

Co-founder John Reber with Splash!