We support the following charities selected by the Agiltima team:

Meningitis Research Foundation
Brixton Soup Kitchen
MAG Saves Lives Build Futures

We are also proud to have been able to provide donations to:

National Emergencies Trust

Birmingham Children’s Hospital


Joshy’s Heart of Gold


Save the Children

Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Nordoff Robbins UK Music Therapy

Agiltima support the following tech initiatives:




Agiltima are proud sponsors of Croydon Women’s Football Club

MAG Saves Lives Build Futures

Dear Agiltima,

On behalf of everyone at MAG THANK YOU for the generous donations from Agiltima and for your continued support.

Sarah – Leadership Giving Manager (MAG)

Dear Agiltima,

Thank you so much for your very generous donation to the Coronavirus Appeal. Your support means so much to us.

KirstenNational Emergency Trust