‘PI planning at HMCTS’

Agiltima have now hosted three large Programme Increment (PI) planning sessions at Ministry of Justice’s HMCTS Reform programme.

The first ever session was held in October 2016 at ATOS’s headquarters in Euston with Agiltima’s John Reber facilitating.

Such a significant event requires a large amount of preparation, coordination and communication. Despite some initial reservations from the programme regarding taking a day out of the office the event was a huge success. The Reform programme now work to a Programme Increment cycle and have fully embraced the SAFe pilot.

PI4General1 4 October MoJ

At the retrospective held at the end of the day the programme felt energised having made a host of valuable social connections across the programme and finally gaining a clear understanding of the dependencies between the 14 projects that constitute the entire programme.

“Following the PI event I learnt more about the programme in one day than I had in my previous 3 months since joining!”

MoJ Common Components Delivery Manager