Agile in non-IT sectors – the challenge for managers

The Agile Manifesto is now almost 20 years old however many of the agile ways of working we use in IT delivery predate the manifesto. Familiar delivery methodologies began life in other industries – for instance Scrum came from manufacturing over 30 years ago. Yet only now are we starting to see Agile ways of working return to and proliferate in these non-IT sectors…

Within the IT sector over the last 10 years Agile has gone from being a new and fresh phenomenon to essentially a must-have on any self respecting IT consultants CV. As Agile goes full circle and begins to pivot back to the industries from which it originated, and many more industries beside, what does this mean for today’s traditional management team?

Agiltima were posed this question by Edge – the journal of the Institute of Leadership & Management. We highlighted four key areas of concern for today’s leaders and managers as they look to adopt agile ways of working:

  • Self-organising teams
  • Distributed decision making
  • The servant-leader role
  • Short term iterative planning vs long term horizon planning

Are these areas that your own company is struggling to come to terms with? Is your company ready to move to Agile and ’embrace change’? Reach out to Agiltima and we can will be happy to help or review your current ways of working structure.

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